Session Notes - 4

The PCs find themselves at the top of a hole leading down in the middle of the forest where the trail of Heike’s body being dragged ends. Unsure whether or not to descend into the unknown, Jaronyx calls forth a hand of fate. The hand indicates that the rewards down the hole are greater than those to the east. They begin their climb down the spider webs clinging to one side of tunnel. As they make their way down, the tunnel begins to widen and they see goblins awaiting their arrival. One of the goblins shoots at the PCs with bright light from the end of his staff while spiders come out to attack the unfortunate climbers. Half of the party finally made their way off of the webs only to fall into an awaiting pit. The battle was rough, but with superior strategy, the PCs finish off their foes by knocking the staff-wielding goblin and another of his companions into a hole that leads further down into the cavern.

Session Notes - 3

The PCs are given brief directions by their guides. They must head travel east for two days through the forest of Morngram and cross the Great Divide into Khedesh territory. Once in Khedesh, they must head northeast for three days to reach the capital. Being led by Ria they fall into an ambush set up by a pack of goblins and well-trained spiders. Ria is impaled by a trap at the onset and Heike’s dieing body is dragged away. The PCs follow the Heike’s trail through the forest. The trail leads to an open pit with spider webbing leading down. They fight off another band of goblins and spiders and now contemplate their next move.

Session Notes - 2

The PCs follow Joruri Larsen’s instructions and navigate Ironspike towards the tunnel that the Wise
Knights dug underneath the camp. Approaching the tunnel entrance they find the Warden and some of
his guards have captured and are interrogating two of the Wise Knights. The PCs fight a tough battle against the warden, his lieutenant, and a swarm of needlefang drakes and barely rescue both knights. After going through the tunnel they are taken a few miles off to a small camp the Wise Knights made as a way point for the prisoners to be taken to Khedesh. Caught in a strange land of two warring nations, surrounded by mountains, and no stars in the night sky for the week they have been away; they have still not been able to understand where they are and how they got there.

Session Notes - 1

After having slept at the mayor’s mansion in Giladi, the PCs find themselves being subjected to forced labor at a mining camp in an unknown land. After a brief time of having worked the camp, the PCs are rescued by a mysterious band of warriors. With a cold and serious demeanor, they instruct the PCs to head out of the camp by way of the warehouses behind the jail cells. Fighting through hobgoblins and drakes, they finally make it to the rendezvous in one of the warehouses.

Session Notes - 0

The PCs gathered, for one reason or another, in the town hall in Giladi. Each with a small, blue ticket that they acquired through various means. Without any association with one another, they are forced together in order to benefit from the little blue blessings. They are given the opportunity to become the next group of adventurers for Giladi with the hopes of bringing even more coin to the town to jettison it to new heights. They are brought to “The Gauntlet” to compete with the other, organized groups who have come to make names for themselves. Making their way past its dangers they come across the Strong Oak Guild making off with the objective, a small statue of Avandra. After a fierce battle they manage to wrest the statue from the guild and exit the Gauntlet before the last group gets the drop on them. The exit to the Gauntlet led to what seemed to be a base of operations being built for this yet, unnamed group of adventurers (maybe the extra white guys?). Mayor Sohoni congratulates the group for their efforts and brings them to his sea-side manor to rest before they begin their new careers.


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