Session Notes - 14

The party continued on their way and eventually reached the sawmill. The enslaved family waited in
underbrush outside for the party to take care of business. The party encircled the sawmill taking out a patrol of hobgoblins, drakes, and dragonborn. They followed up with clearing out archer towers. Eventually they made their way up to the front doors, taking out more guards.

Session Notes - 13

The party used the torches they took from the storage room and burned down the mine and outside
office. With their job having finished and a cloud of smoke rising from the burning buildings, they
made their way back to the Crossroads. The family waited a safe distance outside the city as the party went back to speak with Evie.

Inside the Laughing Ogre, Evie directs the party to another resource of the Morngram war machine. A
sawmill located southeast of the Crossroads is used to make bows, spears, and other wooden
implements. The sawmill is much larger and more heavily guarded than the copper mine. Inside could
be 20 slaves being used to power the saws and do the labor. Their mission, like Copper Cavern, is to burn down the mill.

The party made their way to the sawmill. While resting one night they were beset by a group of tigers. They protected the enslaved family and dispatched the tigers.

Session Notes - 12

The party continued down the mine tunnel and eventually came to a locked door. Inside was a family
that had recently arrived at the mine. They told the party they came from Khedesh, and were shoved
inside so that the creature outside could be dealt with. They were eager to leave and pleaded for

The party led the family out of the mine. After the party left the elevator, they found that everyone except Nicolas was effected the mist coming from down from the mountain. Everyone stayed inside for an hour before checking to see if the mist had receded. Once it had, the group left to grab more torches from the storage room and encountered a group of Morngram soldiers and the leader of the mining camp. It was a hard-fought battle, but the party eventually defeated the soldiers of Bane and chased down the fleeing slave master.

Session Notes - 11

The party spoke with Evie upstairs at The Laughing Ogre. Evie told them that the latest group of
slaves was taken to the mining camp known as Copper Cavern. The party slept until nightfall then
headed north, traveling in the forest alongside the road. During their travels they dispatched a group of apes that attacked them as they passed through the ape’s territory.

The evening of the next day, the party arrived at the entrance of the mine. Investigating a small
building on the west side of the mine, the party triggered an alarm. Despite a trumpeting sound coming from the office, no soldiers came. Eventually the party made their way down the elevator and into the mine. No torches were found to be lit and no one was found to be alive, roaming the passageway.

Upon reaching the back of the tunnel, the party found a corpse and humanoid bones. A blue slime came out of a pool of water and attacked. It was easily dispatched.

Session Notes - 10

As the party finished off the remaining zombies, all became silent. Looking outside, no zombies could be seen. The only remains to be found were inside the temple. The sun crept up over the mountains as the new day began.

The party made their way towards the Crossroads to the southwest from the temple. As they arrive,
they see people milling about in the large marketplace in the center of town. Pelios leaves the party to ask around town to find out where Evie can be found. As he searched, the rest of the party looked around town. Avoiding Morngram soldiers, they caught up to Pelios at the Tipsy Prince tavern where Pelios learned that Evie works at The Laughing Ogre apothecary shop.

The party made their way to The Laughing Ogre where they were greeted by Kazimir Kirby. Pretending to be needing the assistance with rare ingredients and potion making, Evie came to answer their questions. The party discretely showed the wooden ring of the Raven Queen to Evie and she took
them upstairs.

Session Notes - 9

The party boarded up the windows of the temple once again. Two meager groups of zombies and
undead hounds came through one of the windows and a hole in the floor of the temple. After beating
them down, the zombies retreat back to the tree line once more. The bodies of the hounds and zombies are hacked up and thrown into the hole. Boards are used to block entry from the floor and one of the bookcases is moved into a position to fall on top of the hole. One of the large braziers is moved in front of the window that was broken into previously.

As the zombies approach to assault the temple for a third time, the party fires to thin out the numbers, killing a few smaller zombies. The zombies are briefly held back, but finally manage to open a new hole in the temple floor and break through one of the windows whose defenses have held since the initial attack. Undead hobgoblins and zombies oozing black filth are among their numbers. A zombie resembling the guard of Berenike Wrenn who was killed in Khedesh and brought to the temple of the Raven Queen is also among the attackers. The party battles back against the horde as more pour in through the breached defenses.

Session Notes - 8

The party heads to the temple of the Raven Queen to find the dead guard that seems to be walking
around. After entering the temple they are unable to come up with any leads. The next day they head to the town of Darton to meet up with Lia before crossing into Morngram. Upon arriving in Darton a crowd has gathered in the town square to talk about the latest kidnapping. Troops from Morngram have managed to sneak in and kidnap a local family. Although tragic, it is business as usual for the small town. Knowing how local ruffians like a certain Tiefling think, she offers a reward for the delivery of the family back to Darton, unharmed, and then rushes off toward the northernmost point in the river. She points to the crossing point behind a large waterfall. The party crosses over after being prodded to hurry by Lia.

In the morning they arrive at Thornshire and head to the local tavern. Inside are several Morngram guards, drinking making demands of the staff. An officer comes in and spurs them back to work. The party learns that a group of soldiers came in with new slaves the previous night. The slaves were transferred to a second group of soldiers and the first group left for a temple in the woods to the northwest. Searching around town for more clues, Nicolas spots the officer entering one of the buildings in town. Shortly after, a group of soldiers rush into the building. They do not spend much time inside before rushing out of the building and head off in the direction that the soldiers who kidnapped the family from Darton went.

The party follows the soldiers into the woods. The trail leads to a crumbling temple to Bane. They eventually find an undead cleric inside and zombies wearing the armor of Morngram soldiers. The party defeats the undead and takes a mysterious black gem from the cleric. Sounds begin to come from outside of the temple. Hundreds of undead are found outside, completely surrounding the temple. Inside the temple, a not-quite-dead-yet Morngram soldier is found in a sarcophagus. Coughing up blood he tells the party that the slaves were sent west, before he passes on. The party fortifies their position and fights off a wave of humanoid zombies.

Session Notes - 7

The party continued north along the river bank until they reached a wide bridge that spans the Great Divide. They were met by a group of Khedesh guards who gave directions to the capital. On the third day of the journey to the capital, the party eventually ran into another traveler, Berenike Wrenn, who was found on the side of the road defending his wagon against a group of lizardfolk that attacked and killed his guard. They accompany Berenike the rest of the way to the capital at which point he headed off to the national church, the Prophets of Eternal Sleep. The following day they met with the elderly Teodory Richter, the King of Khedesh, who left shortly thereafter and allowed his adviser to speak in his place. Chane informed the party that the kingdom has been at war with the kingdom of Morngram for centuries. Khedesh spies gathered evidence that slaves from foreign lands have mysteriously been trickling in and sent to work in camps throughout the enemy’s land. This occurrence has puzzled the kingdom because the entire continent of Ethras is completely surrounded by an impassable ring of mountains. The growing strength of this enemy has caused the lizardfolk to the south to become an even more dangerous threat. To combat this, they have sought to simultaneously weaken their enemy and strengthen themselves by setting the slaves free and giving them a chance to make their way home. The party also met with some contacts that Chane provided, including the head of their spy network, Lia. Lia told the party that they should go back across the Great Divide and meet up with one of the
Khedesh spies, Evie, at a town known as The Crossroads to receive further instruction. She handed
Pelios a wooden ring with the symbol of dark, violet fist and told him to bring this to Evie. When they are ready to move out, they should see her again.

Session Notes - 6

The party headed out from the goblin cave to the Great Divide. Not long before nightfall they found a long boat with a set of oars, slightly hidden and secured along the rushing river. The party set off across the river in the morning. The current was strong and steady, except for a chute midway across. The boat rocked violently in the turbulence. Half the party was almost tossed overboard. Malnarr caught the barbarian before he fell over, but Salix was not so lucky. He was quickly rushed downriver in the stronger current before the party could recover and turn the boat to the south. The rest of the party eventually caught up to Salix at the north end of Tanick-Tia, where the river calms down. They disembarked on the eastern shore and headed north. Before leaving the swamp they were attacked by monstrous vine horrors and crocodiles. After dispatching the beasts and continuing north, the party encountered a ruined, stone citadel standing three stories high. Nicolas’ investigation found that there were no identifying markers on the sides not facing the river. On the northeastern side was a set of heavy stone double doors. Jaronyx attempted to open them, only to find that they were barred from the inside. This racket caused a stir from inside. Lizardfolk appeared in the gaping hole on the top floor and began to shoot at Salix and the Barbarian with their blowguns and javelins. Taking cover, the party found a large blue and grey banner with a black raven head on the northwestern side of the citadel. The party eventually fled into the jungle, only firing a single shot in return.

Session Notes - 5

The PCs find themselves above another hole leading down in the cave of goblins and spiders. One-by-one the PCs go down the ropes. Once having descended, the goblin king and his big pet spider attack. The PCs brave rocks crashing from above and poison spitting from the spider’s mouth to defeat the foes that were pursuing them through the forest. A letter was found on the goblin king’s body. The letter was sealed with a symbol of a clenched fist facing forward with light emanating from the palm and escaping between the fingers; it read:

The Wise Knights have launched another attack; this time against Ironspike. Rothlen was killed
during the battle. They left with prisoners during the night and must travel near your outpost to
get back to Khedesh. Be sure they don’t make it. Bring back the prisoners alive if possible.
Eliminate the Knights.

Around the corner from where the battle took place, the PCs found a small cache. Next to the cache was a note accompanied by a map. The note read:

Ria needs an opportunity to prove herself. Give her this opportunity on your trip. Take
this map to find the crossing point of the Great Divide. The currents may be too strong if
you cross north of this point. Further south will take you closer to Tanick-Tia. It is easier to
cross the Divide there, but you must do so quickly. The wildlife is very territorial.

The map accompanying the note shows the crossing point that Heike and Ria were to use to take the
prisoners to Khedesh.


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