Session Notes - 24

The party is beckoned inside a nearby home. They meet a child and his father inside who tell the party they are paid by Darrell Macenchroe to keep their eyes open and report about what they see in the town. They give the party directions to the home where the old woman supposedly lives with her husband. The party investigates the home and finds a secret doorway to a set of stairs leading below the home.

Down the stairs, they make their way past a set of traps and discover a tunnel. The tunnel led the party over a mile away and ended near the base of the northern mountains. Those with the swirling crystals could see through the fog to a path that leads up the mountain.

The party decided to head back inside in hopes of finding their attackers coming back through. After hours of waiting, the male makes his appearance after coming down the stairwell.

Session Notes - 23

Back in Khedesh, once again, the heroes head to the Bael’s Hog to speak with Lia. Lia expressed much displeasure that everyone returned to the city and did not stay in Morngram to destroy the sawmill. She told them that as long as they remained in Khedesh they would be given no aid. If there was any doubt before, she confirmed that the heroes were being watched. No tails have been spotted since that time.

The heroes made their way to a tailor to inquire about the cloth found at the Southern Tower in prior days. Having made it worth his while, the tailor informed them that this cloth is from a cloak or robe made in the small town of Namarcis. It is common fashion in the town for those that can afford it.

Malnarr and Salix made their way to see Glenna at the Temple of the Raven Queen in an effort to find more about the layout of the Temple for future spying on the head-priestess. Glenna, ever-suspicious of the other Prophets of Eternal Sleep, spoke in hushed tones, with eyes ever scanning for those that may be listening in. Fearful, she could not offer any aid in this regard.

Everyone went to the local newspaper in search of information about the recent murders around town. They found obituaries of the three pairs of deaths. Using this information, they visited the home of one of the families to find the family plot in the holy resting place in the center of town. They visited the location and found no disturbance near the graves. The heroes decided to look around at night in the one residential area where no deaths have been discovered. They split up into two teams of three and began to patrol the neighborhood. Eventually, one of the groups came across an elderly lady who asked for their assistance going home. Nicolas warned the others of his suspicions of her as they made their way down a back alley. She reveals her intentions and a misty form descends upon the group. The two attacked, moving through the party and along the rooftops. Eventually a devastating blow was landed by the yet-unnamed barbarian, and the two flew off into the night.

Session Notes - 22

With a desire to learn any new information about the necromancers within Khedesh, the heroes made
their way to the Jugs and Coin in the capital. Darrell was no where to be found, but the bartender discretely slipped Nicolas a package and went about his business. In a darkened corner of the tavern, the package was opened which revealed three documents. One, a simple note, gave instructions to meet at the Southern Tower. The other two were documents from officials within the Khedeshian government.

From here, each went about his own business. Nicolas went around to sell the spoils of the
necromancer’s lair. Jaronyx went to his room to study the scrolls and tome that were recovered from the necromancer’s lair and to record that which has been learned in his travels. These texts are studies of gricks, grells, and Tsochar. The pages containing details of the tentacles of these aberrations were marked in the corner. When this information was shared with the rest of the party, Nicolas was able to recall that he had heard of the Tsochar before. To his knowledge, their only known habitat is beneath the Dawnforge Mountains. Meanwhile, the others left to visit Glenna at the Prophets of Eternal Sleep. Malnarr dispensed with pleasantries as the barbarian was a bit more direct with her. Ever-cautious, Glenna told them about her brother, Marcus, that would be able to help out if she could not. She also told Malnarr that a woman had come by asking if Glenna had seen him lately. Glenna did not know who she was, but Malnarr was able to deduce that it was Lia.

The heroes assembled together and made their way to the Bold Basket. Marcus closed his shop down
and lead everyone to a back room to talk. Stories were shared of those that have died walking about after their burial. Rumors have always passed around the capital of such, but no one is ever publicly accused of being the cause. Glenna has told him that she suspects Marvella Schiff, the head priestess, of being involved somehow; however, she has no evidence. When asked about other strange occurrences, Marcus told them of murders being discovered nearly every two weeks. Two bodies are always found together, drained of blood. The local authorities have never caught the culprits.

The heroes left Marcus and traveled to the Southern Tower. Approaching the tower they find Darrell inspecting bones and footprints outside the broken doorway into the tower. Darrell left the note because his informants had knowledge of a movement of undead on their way to the tower. He had hoped to catch sight of who was leading them, but arrived too late. All that remained were broken bones and blood. The bodies of the lizardfolk that guarded the tower were no where to be found. He lead the heroes inside in search of clues. He found nothing that could lead him to one of the Vecna necromancers; so he left the tower in search of clues outside. Malnarr and Nicolas went outside to keep an eye on him as the rest of the party studied one book that was not destroyed on the top floor. The cover was heavily worn and scratched, but they were able to make out the word history. The text inside was extremely old, and told the tale of the history of the settling of Khedesh. Nearly 2,000 years ago a band of Vecna worshipers, in search of a secluded place to hide their master’s secrets, discovered a teleportation circle that lead to a seemingly undisturbed, mountainous land. In navigating the mountains, the necromancers found that a thick fog inhibited their passage and their destination always ended up where they set off. They soon erected a castle in the mountains where they studied the fog to find out how to pass. Eventually, one necromancer, Zahir Dettman, was able to infuse the essence of the mist into a stone from the mountain. While the stone was in his possession the fog cleared before him. He created more of these stones and the necromancers made their way down into the fertile valley below. Here they felt they would be able to keep Vecna’s secrets hidden from others, as soon as they removed the indigenous wildlife: the Lizardfolk of Tanick-Tia and the Banites of
Morngram. So they established the city of Khedesh, fooling its citizens into thinking that it was
founded by worshipers of the Raven Queen.

While studying the history, Nicolas spots a tree with an unusual protuberance. Malnarr investigates and brings back an arrow with a piece of torn cloth attached. Darrell comes over and looks at the bloody cloth.

“I’m no expert,” he says, “but this fabric is too rich to have come from Khedesh. I think you should investigate this further. It may be our only clue.”

The heroes remove materials from the broken down door and look for tracks near where the arrow was found. They follow a light set of footprints to the east a ways before they disappear. Heading further in that direction with no luck, they begin to head back to the capital but are soon beset by a band of the territorial lizardfolk. Easily dispatching them, the heroes continue on their way and make it back safely.

Session Notes - 21

The heroes woke from their rest and set out once again in search for the Vecna necromancer. The first room they discovered contained four of the half-undead, half-aberration monsters strapped into upright gurneys in the corners. Arcane symbols were etched in stands beside the creatures. The heroes walked up to the creatures and attempted to destroy each of them in a single blow. Unfortunately, none were successful. The loud attacks brought attention from a room outside. None could see the figure as he stood in darkness, but his deep voice alluded all to his power.

The creatures strapped in the corners lashed out with long tentacles at the party members and evil hounds teleported throughout the room. The hounds eerie howls were unnerving and the tentacles were disruptive. The heroes only source of light was stuck in a corner, adding to the chaos. Eventually the heroes killed all of the necromancer’s minions. The necromancer himself proved difficult. He invaded the minds of many, causing pain and temporary loss of control. Luckily, while the Barbarian could not evade his powerful attacks, he also swung wildly at his companions, and never connected with a blow. The necromancer fell, and the heroes captured another large gem, this one green.

Session Notes - 20

The heroes moved out from the entrance in search of the Vecna necromancer, once again relying on the Hand of Fate ritual for aid. The hand led the heroes to a library. Nicolas scouted ahead and dispatched another half-undead, half-aberration that was resting on a table. More monsters beset the heroes and were dispatched as the party huddled together for protection. Searching through the library, they found old scrolls, a ritual, and a rare crystal orb aiding in scrying rituals.
Searching the lair further, the heroes made their way into a storage room. Grells descended from
above, grabbing and lashing the heroes with their poisonous tentacles as more half-undead, half-aberrations shot vicious spines from afar. The battle was difficult, but did not prove lethal. Barricading themselves in the room, the heroes rested for the evening.

Session Notes - 19

Heading further into the swamp, the Hand of Fate directs the party to the east, away from the lake.
Approaching closer to the forest of Khedesh, they are attacked once again by the territorial lizardfolk. After dispatching the lizardfolk, the party moves inland and rests for the night. In the morning the party once again uses the hand of fate ritual which led quickly to a hidden entrance in a dead tree stump. Stairs heading down from the entryway lead to intense darkness.
The darkness barely gave way to the light of Jaronyx’ torch; although it was enough to be noticed by one individual. A small creature approached and spoke to the party, warning them of their inevitable doom for entering a place that they do not belong. Disgusting abominations rushed up the stairs and attacked; part skeleton and part aberration. Beasts floating above grabbed the heroes with their tentacles and the horrible beasts clawed and bit, draining Malnarr and Nicolas of precious energy. Despite battling in darkness, the party defeated these monstrosities with relative ease.

Session Notes - 18

The party uses the large jeweled necklaces to cross safely to Khedesh. Once inside, they meet Darrell Macenchroe and learn that there are Vecna necromancers in Khedesh; however, he does not know who they are. He is aware of one necromancer, not in Khedesh. He lives in Tanick-Tia, the swamp to the south. While the party slept, Nicolas searched the town for a statue of a goat desired by Darrell. Breaking into a woodworker’s shop, he locates the statue and escapes before being spotted. He brings the statue back to Darrell in exchange for gold and official documents of the Khedesh Royal Guard to be provided at a later date. The next morning, the party departed for Tanick-Tia. Heading south and navigating the swamps in search of the necromancer’s lair, the party is intercepted by a force of lizardfolk which were easily dispatched.

Session Notes - 17

Jaronyx and Nicolas catch up to the rest of the party in town as undead come out of homes and attack them. Fighting their way through the horde, they make their way to the town square. Seeing undead off in the distance, the party creeps around the ring of buildings towards a rhythmic sound of crashing wood. Eventually coming across a large skeleton smashing a home with an enormous club, another battle began. A swarm of undead comes pouring from across the town square. A figure in a dark cloak casts evil spells, summoning more undead minions behind the party. Taking a defensive position next to a building, the party eventually destroys all of the undead. They find numerous magic items including a large blue gem strapped to a leather thong.

Session Notes - 16

The party released the slaves. After a brief hesitation, most of the slaves ran away. A few stayed behind to follow the party. Upon questioning, they were unaware if any of the slaves were from a foreign land. The party picked up the slaves from the mine and headed toward the secret crossing over the Great Divide. As they neared Thornshire, they began to see light and smoke in the direction of the town. Citizens were seen fleeing the town. The local barmaid from the party’s first visit to town ran up to them and pleaded for their aid. Undead led by an unknown assailant in a black robe have attacked the town and are overrunning the guards. Driven by a desire to smite the unholy abominations and save the villagers, Malnarr led Pelios, Salix, and the Barbarian into the town as Jaronyx and Nicolas stayed behind to defend the captured Khedesh citizens and the barmaid.

The party attempted to sneak their way into town to locate the undead. They were first beset by large zombies and skeletons throwing black orbs of necromantic energy. Heading north in the town towards the burning buildings, they were ambushed by ghouls with deadly bites. After a rough encounter, they were ready to move on.

Session Notes - 15

The party entered the sawmill and were confronted by a group of hobgoblins. One of the hobgoblins
approached and looked over the party. When his eyes reached Jaronyx, he gasped, and looked more
intensely at the party.

“I told Isaac to kill you all instead of bringing you over the river. It seems I will have to fix his mistake!” he shouted.

During a long grueling battle, the hobgoblin tells the party that Khedesh took them from their home to enslave them. Morngram soldiers took them from Khedesh and brought them to Ironspike. After the rest of the enemies were dispatched, the hobgoblin offered the party a deal. He proposed allowing the party to take the slaves and go back to Khedesh. There, they can meet a Morngram spy who will help them leave Ethras. In return, they must leave immediately and not return to Morngram. After much deliberation, the deal has been made.


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