Session Notes - 33


The heroes move out of the lair of Hezifut and through fields of heavy snow to the Dark Gate. They see an ice-covered castle on top of a plateau. As they approach, they are beset by chillborn zombies. They defeat the zombies and rest for the night under the bridge from the field to the castle.

In the morning, they enter the castle and find that light has difficulty penetrating the darkness inside. They find ancient portraits line walls as high as they could see in the darkness. Six doors inside lead to each of the six castle spires. Entering each one, they find that the rooms are empty, except one. Upon entering one of the rooms, Malnar’s green amulet begins to glow brightly as a mist escapes from and swirls around the crystal. Water appears up to the knees of most of the members and a moss, also glowing green, covers the walls and doorway. After reading words formed by the moss, the amulet is washed in the water and vines grow up the sides of the spire. The barbarian climbs up the vines, jumping from one to another until he reaches the top.

At the top is a stone statue of a hand extended out of a mound of dirt. A stone ring is found as a part of the statue; however, with an empty gem socket. They find a way to bring the green amulet up to him and after putting the crystal into the gem socket, it fuses with the statue. Vines lower the statue to the bottom and the moss and vines disappear. All is once again dark and silent.

Going back to the main chamber, they find a circle of arcane runes in the center. The part of the circle closest to the “green room” has writing in abyssal, as opposed to runes. Jaronyx cast the comprehend language ritual and finds that the writing translates to the word “rise.” Once again they search the spire rooms, ultimately reaching one that causes Pelios’ yellow amulet to glow…



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