Session Notes - 29


The heroes soundly rest over the bodies of the dryads at the fey circle and head off in the morning. They eventually reach a dark cave. Inside they hear horrible screams and find an evil wizard brutally interrogating a creature’s soul.

The wizard and his guardian worgs proved no match for the group. The spirit tells them that he and his companion found out about the necromancers in Khedesh. His partner was able to obtain two amulets and he vowed to aid him through the mountains to find aid for the innocents of Khedesh. They were killed by the evil forces guarding the pass. The necromancer here captured a portion of his soul in a stone and left. He did not come back for days and, when he did, he began torturing him to find out how he came across the amulets. He pleaded for everyone to help find a way to free his soul from the stone it is bound.

A ritual book is found near the soul. Within the pages, a crude, ancient map is found with directional symbols like those found previously marked. Traveling through the cave, the heroes find the remains of his partner and the exit further up the mountain. A bitter chill is in the air as it whips past the faces of the heroes.



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