Session Notes - 28


Standing at the base of the mountains, the forest before them appears as ordinary as those in the Nentir Vale. Moving forward, the mist parts as the amulets worn by the party demonstrate their power. They quickly realize that this is no ordinary forest. Salix feels unnatural evil carried by the wind through dark, twisted trees. On the ground before them, inadequately disguised, tree branches and rocks have been carefully rearranged to point to the northeast. Salix lead the rest of the party through the woods until another symbol was found.

Heading in the direction of this symbol, the party eventually reached a small fey circle. Two elves were seen having a discussion amidst the toadstools. Salix and Jaronyx approach with good intentions, yet skeptical. As expected, the elves did not greet them friendly. Their illusions gave way to show their dryad form and the forest came alive and attacked. After dispatching the dryads, a treant, and a deadly vine, Salix started smashing up the toadstools that formed the fey circle. Another symbol was found within the circle, pointing towards the mountains.



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