Session Notes - 26


The following day, Malnarr introduced himself to Mr. Huffman and obtained a fashionable necklace from the Potter’s jewelry store. Pelios puts on a performance in the center of town, singing the praises of Malnarr, the esteemed warrior from Gallanda. Jaronyx attempted to get an invitation from Huffman’s store manager, but gets kicked out in the process. The Barbarian headed to the fighter’s guild and made a strong impression. He earned the rights to a contract for bodyguard work for him and two others. With Malnarr running around town, making his presence known, and Pelios’ hard work of talking up Malnarr’s exploits, he earns an invitation to the party.

Malnarr heads to the party with Jaronyx and Pelios as his escort as Salix, Nicolas, and the Barbarian guard Lady Rosales. Inside the powerful families of the town inspect the fine clothing hung from mannequins as they wait for Mr. Huffman to show himself. Eventually he comes out, escorted by one body guard, Cooper. Some party members find that both he and Cooper are not what they seem. As he thanks everyone for coming and begins the show, Cooper whispers in his ear. He prematurely wraps up and walks quickly out of the room. As the show is ending, Mr. Huffman returns and instructs Cooper to deal with the fools; Huffman exits once again. Cooper tells everyone to leave as he draws his sword and faces Malnarr, Jaronyx, and Pelios.

In the ensuing battle, the guests all flee as Nicolas “escorts” Lady Rosales outside and eliminates the guards of the house along the way. Cooper’s true form of a large, undead human with a heavy flail is revealed. Using the flail he hit many members of the party with a single blow, knocking them down. At one point, Jaronyx was nearly killed. However, the party prevailed and Cooper was taken down.



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