Session Notes - 25


After a long, intensive battle, the party finally defeated the couple. On their bodies were two more swirling crystals; one of orange and one of red. Before moving on, the party headed back to their inn and rested up. In the morning, they set off for Namarcis through the tunnel in the necromancers’ home.

They arrived at dawn to be greeted a town uncharacteristically well-kept and unfortified. The town is full of shops for high-end goods. Not long after entering, Darrell makes his presence known and tells them that the town is run by a number of prominent families which each run one of the many markets. He suspects that one of them is a necromancer, but has not found out which it is.

Looking around town for more information, they find that the designer Patrick Huffman is throwing a fashion show at his estate to introduce his latest designs for those with power and influence in town. The party then makes their way through town to the shop which sells the clothing in the style of the cloth sample they have. Malnarr decides to put in for an order of a cloak for himself in an effort to get invited to the party.



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