Session Notes - 23


Back in Khedesh, once again, the heroes head to the Bael’s Hog to speak with Lia. Lia expressed much displeasure that everyone returned to the city and did not stay in Morngram to destroy the sawmill. She told them that as long as they remained in Khedesh they would be given no aid. If there was any doubt before, she confirmed that the heroes were being watched. No tails have been spotted since that time.

The heroes made their way to a tailor to inquire about the cloth found at the Southern Tower in prior days. Having made it worth his while, the tailor informed them that this cloth is from a cloak or robe made in the small town of Namarcis. It is common fashion in the town for those that can afford it.

Malnarr and Salix made their way to see Glenna at the Temple of the Raven Queen in an effort to find more about the layout of the Temple for future spying on the head-priestess. Glenna, ever-suspicious of the other Prophets of Eternal Sleep, spoke in hushed tones, with eyes ever scanning for those that may be listening in. Fearful, she could not offer any aid in this regard.

Everyone went to the local newspaper in search of information about the recent murders around town. They found obituaries of the three pairs of deaths. Using this information, they visited the home of one of the families to find the family plot in the holy resting place in the center of town. They visited the location and found no disturbance near the graves. The heroes decided to look around at night in the one residential area where no deaths have been discovered. They split up into two teams of three and began to patrol the neighborhood. Eventually, one of the groups came across an elderly lady who asked for their assistance going home. Nicolas warned the others of his suspicions of her as they made their way down a back alley. She reveals her intentions and a misty form descends upon the group. The two attacked, moving through the party and along the rooftops. Eventually a devastating blow was landed by the yet-unnamed barbarian, and the two flew off into the night.



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