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Having stepped through the portal, you find yourselves in a large, underground chamber. The only light in the room, coming from the portal, extinguishes as it disappears behind you. The smell, a mixture of rotting corpses and rotting garbage, overpowers your nostrils. A set of large double doors bursts open and light penetrates the darkness. Figures bearing torches slowly creep in. As your eyes become accustomed to the light, you can make out the symbol of the Giladi town guard on their armor before you see the faces of men from your hometown. They lead you through a series of tunnels connecting to the city’s sewer system, eager to give the good news to the mayor. Knowing that you have quite a story to tell, as do they, they decide to wait until you have an opportunity to hear their story from the mayor before telling yours…

Session Notes - 33

The heroes move out of the lair of Hezifut and through fields of heavy snow to the Dark Gate. They see an ice-covered castle on top of a plateau. As they approach, they are beset by chillborn zombies. They defeat the zombies and rest for the night under the bridge from the field to the castle.

In the morning, they enter the castle and find that light has difficulty penetrating the darkness inside. They find ancient portraits line walls as high as they could see in the darkness. Six doors inside lead to each of the six castle spires. Entering each one, they find that the rooms are empty, except one. Upon entering one of the rooms, Malnar’s green amulet begins to glow brightly as a mist escapes from and swirls around the crystal. Water appears up to the knees of most of the members and a moss, also glowing green, covers the walls and doorway. After reading words formed by the moss, the amulet is washed in the water and vines grow up the sides of the spire. The barbarian climbs up the vines, jumping from one to another until he reaches the top.

At the top is a stone statue of a hand extended out of a mound of dirt. A stone ring is found as a part of the statue; however, with an empty gem socket. They find a way to bring the green amulet up to him and after putting the crystal into the gem socket, it fuses with the statue. Vines lower the statue to the bottom and the moss and vines disappear. All is once again dark and silent.

Going back to the main chamber, they find a circle of arcane runes in the center. The part of the circle closest to the “green room” has writing in abyssal, as opposed to runes. Jaronyx cast the comprehend language ritual and finds that the writing translates to the word “rise.” Once again they search the spire rooms, ultimately reaching one that causes Pelios’ yellow amulet to glow…

Session Notes - 32

The heroes move through one of the caves in the cross of frost to the lair of Hezifut. They meet a storm abishai who offers them a deal to move around the lair, but they do not take him up on it. The abishai comes back with two others and attacks along with a young behir. They defeat the beasts and take all his loots.

Session Notes - 31

The group moves on to the Cross of Frost. In the secluded canyon they find a multitude of wandering spirits that ignore their passing. The group finds two caves on the northern end of the cross. As Jaronyx begins casting his Hands of Fate ritual to determine the most fortuitous route, the spirits attack. After fending off the spirits, the group enters one of the caves and defeats vampiric mists and more spirits.

Session Notes - 30

Armed with a new map and Salix’s strong sense of direction, the group presses on through the woods. As they made their way to the next point, they were beset by a group of displacer beasts. Dispatched with ease, they continued on their journey.

Session Notes - 29

The heroes soundly rest over the bodies of the dryads at the fey circle and head off in the morning. They eventually reach a dark cave. Inside they hear horrible screams and find an evil wizard brutally interrogating a creature’s soul.

The wizard and his guardian worgs proved no match for the group. The spirit tells them that he and his companion found out about the necromancers in Khedesh. His partner was able to obtain two amulets and he vowed to aid him through the mountains to find aid for the innocents of Khedesh. They were killed by the evil forces guarding the pass. The necromancer here captured a portion of his soul in a stone and left. He did not come back for days and, when he did, he began torturing him to find out how he came across the amulets. He pleaded for everyone to help find a way to free his soul from the stone it is bound.

A ritual book is found near the soul. Within the pages, a crude, ancient map is found with directional symbols like those found previously marked. Traveling through the cave, the heroes find the remains of his partner and the exit further up the mountain. A bitter chill is in the air as it whips past the faces of the heroes.

Session Notes - 28

Standing at the base of the mountains, the forest before them appears as ordinary as those in the Nentir Vale. Moving forward, the mist parts as the amulets worn by the party demonstrate their power. They quickly realize that this is no ordinary forest. Salix feels unnatural evil carried by the wind through dark, twisted trees. On the ground before them, inadequately disguised, tree branches and rocks have been carefully rearranged to point to the northeast. Salix lead the rest of the party through the woods until another symbol was found.

Heading in the direction of this symbol, the party eventually reached a small fey circle. Two elves were seen having a discussion amidst the toadstools. Salix and Jaronyx approach with good intentions, yet skeptical. As expected, the elves did not greet them friendly. Their illusions gave way to show their dryad form and the forest came alive and attacked. After dispatching the dryads, a treant, and a deadly vine, Salix started smashing up the toadstools that formed the fey circle. Another symbol was found within the circle, pointing towards the mountains.

Session Notes - 27

The party cleared out the rest of the floor in search of Mr. Huffman. He was found, confronted, and defeated on the second floor. After much debate, the party decided to stay inside the mansion and rest before leaving. Somehow, Darrell Macenchroe made his way inside early the next morning. He delivered a warning that the Khedesh military was aware of their presence in Namarcis and that they have been responsible for the deaths of the necromancers. A large force was sent some time ago and are moving to the city rapidly; they would arrive in 24 hours. The party finished their rest then made their way to the mountain with a new amulet in their possession.

Session Notes - 26

The following day, Malnarr introduced himself to Mr. Huffman and obtained a fashionable necklace from the Potter’s jewelry store. Pelios puts on a performance in the center of town, singing the praises of Malnarr, the esteemed warrior from Gallanda. Jaronyx attempted to get an invitation from Huffman’s store manager, but gets kicked out in the process. The Barbarian headed to the fighter’s guild and made a strong impression. He earned the rights to a contract for bodyguard work for him and two others. With Malnarr running around town, making his presence known, and Pelios’ hard work of talking up Malnarr’s exploits, he earns an invitation to the party.

Malnarr heads to the party with Jaronyx and Pelios as his escort as Salix, Nicolas, and the Barbarian guard Lady Rosales. Inside the powerful families of the town inspect the fine clothing hung from mannequins as they wait for Mr. Huffman to show himself. Eventually he comes out, escorted by one body guard, Cooper. Some party members find that both he and Cooper are not what they seem. As he thanks everyone for coming and begins the show, Cooper whispers in his ear. He prematurely wraps up and walks quickly out of the room. As the show is ending, Mr. Huffman returns and instructs Cooper to deal with the fools; Huffman exits once again. Cooper tells everyone to leave as he draws his sword and faces Malnarr, Jaronyx, and Pelios.

In the ensuing battle, the guests all flee as Nicolas “escorts” Lady Rosales outside and eliminates the guards of the house along the way. Cooper’s true form of a large, undead human with a heavy flail is revealed. Using the flail he hit many members of the party with a single blow, knocking them down. At one point, Jaronyx was nearly killed. However, the party prevailed and Cooper was taken down.

Session Notes - 25

After a long, intensive battle, the party finally defeated the couple. On their bodies were two more swirling crystals; one of orange and one of red. Before moving on, the party headed back to their inn and rested up. In the morning, they set off for Namarcis through the tunnel in the necromancers’ home.

They arrived at dawn to be greeted a town uncharacteristically well-kept and unfortified. The town is full of shops for high-end goods. Not long after entering, Darrell makes his presence known and tells them that the town is run by a number of prominent families which each run one of the many markets. He suspects that one of them is a necromancer, but has not found out which it is.

Looking around town for more information, they find that the designer Patrick Huffman is throwing a fashion show at his estate to introduce his latest designs for those with power and influence in town. The party then makes their way through town to the shop which sells the clothing in the style of the cloth sample they have. Malnarr decides to put in for an order of a cloak for himself in an effort to get invited to the party.


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